This is how your dog learns to make males

This is how your dog learns to make males

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Making males is one of the sweetest tricks a dog can be taught. But how can the beloved four-legged friend stand on its hind legs on command? A sweet trick: making males - Image: Shutterstock / Monika Wisniewska

If you want to teach your dog how to make a male, you should first equip yourself with treats. Because in order to lure the animal onto its hind legs, you have to offer it something. If you bring a little stamina with you now, you are well prepared to practice the feat with your four-legged friend.

Teaching males how to do it

To teach the animal how to make a male, let him sit in front of him. Now take the treat in your hand and run it over the dog's nose upwards and slightly backwards. This will tempt him to stand on his hind legs.

In this exercise, however, you have to be careful not to hold the treat too far behind your nose, otherwise it could fall over. After all, that's not supposed to happen. In addition, you must not hold the treat too high, because then it will probably start to jump. In the video you can see how the training works:

Practice makes the master dog

Do not expect the male to succeed immediately. It will take some time for your dog to keep its balance. How long varies from animal to animal. Once your dog has learned the trick, you can add a verbal command. It is important that you be patient and do not overwhelm your dog - after all, fun is paramount. On the other hand, you should be careful not to give your dog too many treats during the training hours. Ideally, you do without fattening foods and choose healthy treats or dry food.

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Then you shouldn't teach the trick

As a rule, every dog ​​can learn this trick. If an animal has health problems, such as joint problems, the feat can exacerbate these problems. Even a massive weight or overweight can cause health problems when learning the trick - then focus on other exercises.