Easter with a dog: sweet egg hunt on four paws

Easter with a dog: sweet egg hunt on four paws

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Easter is only for people? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! A cute video on YouTube shows that dogs also have fun at the festival. In it, four-legged Koby goes in search of Easter eggs.

Whether it is green, purple or orange, when it is Easter, the first thing is to hide the colorful Easter eggs. After all, they simply belong to Easter and spring. The owners of the little dog Koby obviously do not want to make it too easy for their darling and so the Easter eggs are distributed throughout the garden.

Then it can already start: Obviously euphoric, Koby goes on an egg hunt - and with success: He finds one Easter egg after the other and collects it diligently in a basket. A really cute sight!

Tip for your own Easter

Design a funny and exciting Easter hunt for your dog as well. Just hide some healthy treats in your garden or apartment. To increase the fun, you can also wrap them in paper. Your four-legged friend will also enjoy unpacking and tearing. In this sense: Happy Easter!

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