Cat chases goldfish - completely in vain

Cat chases goldfish - completely in vain

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The hunting instinct is one of the primary instincts in cats. This is no different with the following velvet paw, which is targeting a goldfish in a pond. If only there weren't a layer of ice that thwarted your calculations.

In a funny YouTube video, a cat is targeting a goldfish. The kitty is in wait and wants to catch the fish. But that's a pretty difficult task. Because the pond is frozen. A clear layer of ice separates the hunter from his potential prey.

So close and yet so far: the cat has the goldfish in front of it all the time without being able to reach it. However, this does not prevent the snuggle from continuing to hunt.

To make matters worse, the fish seems to have a little fun out of its superiority. He happily turns his rounds in the pond - regardless of the cat that is after him. Goldfish: 1, cat: 0.

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