Dog pee killing grass

Dog pee killing grass

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Dog pee killing grass in the UK?

Grass in UK is covered in pee and they kill it to grow the lawns. What are they doing wrong? Why do they have to pee to grow grass? It seems really weird to me.


There are several factors that go into the development of a lawn. One is that the turf grass does not have enough root depth (i.e. it grows only on top of soil) to hold on to water, so the turf gets soggy.

Another factor is that, when grass is cut, the resulting soil loses nutrients and it becomes very poor. Grass is therefore fed fertilizer to grow quickly.

The last thing is that soil has very different characteristics under grass than under pavement. Pavement has a hard surface, that is often covered with a thick layer of concrete to protect against damage. It also has a very different pH and the root structure (of grass, and other plants) is entirely different.

If you want to grow grass with healthy soil, and keep it healthy, don't cut the grass too short. Make sure that the soil is healthy, fertilized and watered regularly.

In the meantime, if you are just going to pee on the grass, you can always just use a hose to wash off the pee.


"Pee" in this case means urine. Urine contains nitrogen, as well as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Urine is also highly water soluble, which is why it can dissolve through the grass. This can cause the grass to grow well but can also lead to the grass drying out too quickly, killing it and leaving you with a barren lawn.

When fertilizer is applied to lawns, a solution is used with a low pH so that the nitrogen will remain in a soluble form. When you water the lawn, the water dissolves the fertilizer out of solution and it can become inert and take time for it to be broken down. When you add urine to the soil, it acts as a fertilizer but also speeds up the breakdown of the nitrogen, making it available much sooner.


Pee is just one of a number of things that can be applied to turf to increase the nitrogen in the soil (along with manure, fertilizer, manure tea and fish emulsion). If you add urine to the soil the nitrogen in the urine will be added to the soil, increasing the amount of nitrogen available for the turf to use.

The nitrogen in urine has a slow release mechanism. When the nitrogen is used, the nitrogen can bind to carbon molecules in the soil and is thus unavailable for plants.

The reason lawn care professionals add urine is that it increases the nitrogen content of the soil so it can be applied less frequently.

Other things that are used to increase nitrogen content in the soil include urine and fertilizer. Urine is more expensive but not as high in nitrogen content as fertilizer.

The nitrogen content of urine is about 14% while fertilizer nitrogen content is around 27%.

Urine, manure and fertilizer all increase the nitrogen content in the soil by adding nitrogen to the soil. The nitrogen from urine will be slow to release though and is only available to plants for a longer period than the nitrogen in urine.

Nitrogen fertilizers have the quickest release of nitrogen but because the nitrogen is more reactive than the nitrogen in urine the nitrogen fertilizers will be available for a much shorter period.

Fish emulsion can be a good fertilizer to use. It has the benefit of being high in nitrogen. This is because the nitrogen is in a slow release form and so the nitrogen will be available to plants for longer than other sources of nitrogen. It has the advantage of also being a good fertilizer for use on lawns and turf.

Fish emulsion is a nitrogen-rich liquid with many other nutrients, which makes it a natural choice for lawn care. Because of its high nitrogen content, fish emulsion is a good fertilizer to use in the fall.

There is no such thing as a pee-killing grass, but there are other chemicals that can be used to increase the nitrogen content in the soil that could help you.

You can find a list of nitrogen-rich fertilizers here.

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