Cat goes on patrol with the police unnoticed

Cat goes on patrol with the police unnoticed

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Police officers in Cochem made a sweet discovery after their assignment: a black cat went on patrol with the two officers over a distance of more than 70 kilometers without being noticed. This little cat sneaked into a police car - Image copyright: Polizei Mayen

The small velvet paw apparently climbed into the patrol car during a nightly operation in Elmen, according to a police report, and made itself comfortable there in the back seat. After the officials had successfully settled a neighborhood dispute, the two went on another mission along the Moselle to the Hunsrück. What the police didn't notice, however, was the stowaway in their car.

Only on the way back did the officers wonder about a strong smell in the police car. When they got to the office, they discovered the reason for it. Because the police not only found the small, sweet kitten asleep, but also had to find that the kitty had done her "big" business in the hat of an official due to the lack of a litter box.

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When the policemen wanted to bring the fur nose back home, they caused another surprise: The cat, who was still asleep, suddenly jumped between the two officers on the center console and frightened it "almost to death".

The cat's patrol ended in Ulmen. "Whether the kitty escaped the previous argument or just wanted to take a jaunt with the police could not be elicited from her," the police statement said in the end.