Beach cat: Velvet paw Nathan loves to go swimming

Beach cat: Velvet paw Nathan loves to go swimming

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What a cute water rat! Cat Nathan is a real beach girl who can't get enough of jumping into the cool water. Thanks to her cute swimming trips, the kitty has become a real internet hit.

Cats are afraid of water! The Australian velvet paw Nathan proves exactly the opposite. The kitten, found by her owners Rian and Melissa in a roadside box, enjoys swimming. "Every time we took her to the beach, her confidence grew and she kept getting wet until she finally swam," says her owner in an interview with "Buzzfeed".

After the owners of Nathan shared the funny videos, the fan base grew rapidly: On Instagram, over 246,000 followers subscribed to the funny water games of Fellnase. The funny clips are also extremely popular on other social networks such as YouTube. The splashing of cat Nathan is just too cute too!

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