Hangover Milkshake explains what time is - or not

Hangover Milkshake explains what time is - or not

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Is Kater Milkshake an animal philosopher? At least, its owner does not force himself to bother him with complicated questions. It is funny how the white fur nose looks in the video while Herrchen asks him: "What is time?"

Milkshake looks a bit like a fluffy Jabba from the Star Wars saga. He is the godfather of the extraterrestrial figures and Milkshake is also enthroned on the floor: he takes a half-sitting, half-lying position and looks inimitably at his master. Does the oracle know an answer? At least none comes, not even to the question "what is infinity".

The only reaction of the cat is a disinterested paw licking. But its owner is clever (or has a lot of imagination) - from Milkshake's (non-) reaction he draws an answer. In the video you can see which one it is.

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