Beach vacation with dog: you should pay attention to this

Beach vacation with dog: you should pay attention to this

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You should plan your beach vacation with your dog well in advance. There are special rules of conduct for you and your four-legged friend on beaches. In addition, not every holiday home accepts dogs. Not to be forgotten are also health preparations for a vacation on the dog beach. You not only have to protect yourself, but also your pet from too much sunlight. What else do I need to keep in mind? This dog is really enjoying a beach vacation - Shutterstock / Elena Liubiteleva

So that there are no nasty surprises on site, it is best to research carefully beforehand what the regulations for dogs on the beach are at your holiday destination. Are there even special dog beaches where your four-legged friend is explicitly welcome? Or are animals forbidden there? Also keep in mind that the trip shouldn't be too exhausting for your darling. The closer to the resort of your choice, the more pleasant for your pet - maybe a beach vacation with a dog on the North Sea or Baltic Sea is something for you?

Vacation etiquette for the dog beach

If dogs are allowed on the beach, there are still certain rules that should not be so different from the normal rules of behavior in the city. The reason for the frequent ban on dogs on beaches is not least the legacies of the four-legged friend. Nobody likes to step in dog droppings, especially not barefoot on the beach. In addition, many children play in the sand. It goes without saying that you take great care not to miss out on the big business of your fur nose, especially on a beach holiday with your dog. Therefore, take enough bags with you to properly remove the feces from the beach.

Also make sure that your dog is not too far away from you. Otherwise he could make a joke that could hit the other beach goers badly. It is incomprehensible for dog lovers, but there are people who are very afraid of dogs or at least do not like it when the four-legged friends come too close to them. Children who play on the beach may either be afraid of your dog or want to pet them. If you have no experience with dogs or are still very small, misunderstandings can result and accidents can result. It is best to always keep an eye on your darling and be ready to put him on a leash in case of doubt.

Water fun with floating dog toys

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Protect your dog from too much sun

Furthermore, you should not only keep an eye on the well-being of your fellow human beings, but also that of your dog. Like humans, a dog quickly becomes thirsty in the blazing sun. Having enough water is a must. You should also make sure that the dog can also rest in the shade. Here an umbrella or a beach shell is the best solution. Dogs, like humans, can otherwise get a sunstroke or heat stroke at very high temperatures. In any case, it is advisable to put your dog on the beach at times of the day or in seasons when the temperatures are mild - hot sand can also be very hard on the dog's paws.

For dogs with fair skin and thin fur, it is advisable to use a sunscreen suitable for animals. Because sunburn is especially painful in dogs. The skin on the nose and ears is particularly sensitive. In case of an emergency, you should also bring bandages with you: the beach can be full of sharp shells or even broken pieces.

To cool off, you can install a round of bathing fun in between. In our guides "Fun on the water: dog games for the beach" and "Dog on the beach: the right water toy" you will find corresponding tips.