Stop dog whine: what to do with a whimpering four-legged friend?

Stop dog whine: what to do with a whimpering four-legged friend?

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It can be nerve-wracking when a dog whines all the time and for no apparent reason. If you want to get rid of the whining, you need two things above all: a little patience and empathy. What to do if the dog does not stop whimpering? - Shutterstock / AnetaPics

If your dog suddenly cries a lot, you should go to the vet with him: he may be in pain. Otherwise, whining can often be attributed to mistakes in parenting. Fortunately, these can be fixed again.

Stop wailing from a young dog

If your dog is very young, constant whining can be a sign that he is feeling lonely or bored.

Try to offer him enough play options and a stimulating environment from the start so that the puppy learns to deal with it alone.

If the little dog cries every time you leave the house, you shouldn't make a drama out of it. On the contrary. Stay calm and serene, behave normally when you leave the house and when you come back.

In this way, the little one learns that it is nothing special at all, that he is on his own in between. Even so, your puppy shouldn't be alone for too long.

Puppies need clear rules

However, puppies may also whine because they do not know exactly which place to take in the family. Due to unclear instructions or inconsistent action in dog training, the "hierarchy" between dog and owner can get mixed up.

The four-legged friend is then unsettled and expresses this by inappropriate behavior, for example by howling.

With patience, clear rules and clear basic commands, you can get your dog used to this behavior again.

Tip: In our guide "How your dog understands commands better: 5 tips" you will find a few suggestions how you can convey to your dog what you want from it.

Also, do not respond immediately when he calls for you. Rather reward him if he behaves calmly, for example by caressing, loving words and sometimes a treat.

Avoid the most common mistakes in dog training

Problematic behavior in four-legged friends is mostly related to incorrect dog training. How…

Stop adult dog whine

If an adult dog comes to you from the animal shelter or from a previous owner, it first needs time to get used to it. The whining in the first phase can be a sign that he misses his previous owners or is "homesick".

With extensive, varied walks, games and cuddling hours you show the dog that you are there for him. Little by little, he will get used to the new situation and take you to heart just as much as your predecessors.

A case for the veterinarian or the animal psychologist?

An animal psychologist can help if, with all the effort and patience you are unable to stop your dog from whining.

If the wailing remains permanent and you feel overwhelmed by the situation, a dog trainer trained in behavioral research will support you with the upbringing.

However, it is not an educational problem if the dog is normally calm and suddenly starts to whine. Then there may be an illness or an undetected injury behind it.

In this case, be sure to take the dog to the vet to find out the cause and have it treated.