Simon's Cat finally found?

Simon's Cat finally found?

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Simon's Cat has been away from home for a long time. Has the wandering of the famous Internet hangover now come to an end? Does he finally return to his owner? A new episode provides information.

As a reminder: After its owner Simon's Cat actually wanted to bathe, the Stubentiger has torn away. Since then, the velvet paw has been hanging around in the neighborhood.

Simon's Cat sleeps in garbage cans, has to deal with neighboring dogs - and all while his owner is still very worried.

Meanwhile, Simon's Cat is very hungry. And then there was also a thunderstorm. But now? Suddenly the cat sees a lot of garden gnomes with arrows. And what happens?

Cat run away: what to do?

If your cat has run away, do one thing first: keep calm. There are some ways ...

When the room tiger follows the arrows, he finally meets his owner again. Because the garden gnomes were set up by him to lure Simon's Cat back home. With success.

The cat and owner are reunited. Of course, at first you have to eat properly at home. What a happy ending!

"Simon's Real Cats": The faces behind "Simon's Cat"

Simon's Cat still hasn't returned

Simon's Cat still misses his hangover

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