Puppy Fair - Find your pet

Puppy Fair - Find your pet

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There is nothing more pleasant than going to a puppy market. These are the fairs where you can adopt, buy, choose exactly the puppy you want and you can learn more about the general needs that your puppy may have in the first months. Vaccines, whether they have been dewormed, their origin, breed and whether animals are neutered, etc. It is a great chance to get in touch with NGOs and creators and get all your questions answered.

There are several puppy fairs spread across all cities and all states of Brazil. You can find out about puppy markets through the internet or at petshops in your city. The breeders also have websites where you can see photos of the puppies and the breeds and family of the puppies sold.

Some NGOs already deliver the animals with the vaccines up to date, dewormed and castrated, the owner only needs to maintain the care with his chosen one when taking him home. If this is not your case, it is important that you vaccinate, dewormer and neuter your pet. Before any purchase or adoption, make sure the animals are healthy and well looked after.

They exist puppy sale and adoption fairs that happen every weekend, or you can look at the NGO or breeder's website to find out when the next one will be, so you also have more time to research about your future best friend, if you want a mongrel dog or a breed cat, etc.

So get informed, research, think if you have the necessary conditions for all care, also research on the breeds to see which one fits more with your profile or the people who will live with the cat or dog and research on the breeder and the origin to make the best choice, options abound and there is always a fair close by!

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It is important to know that in most fairs, before adoption, an interview is made with the future owner of the animals to do a good screening and try to prevent the animals from going to owners who will not raise the pet properly. This is one of the most important actions to encourage responsible ownership of animals.

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