Feline nicknames: a list for you to be inspired

Feline nicknames: a list for you to be inspired

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Anyone who chooses to have a pet will experience the problem of choosing the animal's name. In the case of cats, it is common to have several feline nicknames that the owner can choose to give the cat, but unlike the dog, the cat will only have good relations with the chosen name if it is well trained or cared for with great affection.

You feline nicknames they must appreciate simplicity, even if the owner has an emotional appreciation for a name, because the more complicated the nickname, the more difficult it will be for the animal to answer the call. A different name can be interesting, but it can't be too strange. Another important point is not to give a nickname that rhymes with any order you want to give the animal, so the cat will not be confused when given a specific order.

Male and female names

A good cat nickname, or pet in general, should not have a relationship with a name that is given to a human being. People have a tendency to treat the animal as an equal, but the pet needs to be treated like the animal it really is, because only then will it be really happy. It is normal to further confuse this relationship when the animal has a common name for a person.

Obviously, the owner need not be obliged to choose any name for the animal, if the desire is a nickname that has a relationship with a person, it is indicated to give the cat the name of a fictional character. The feline's nickname will not be directly related to a human and may still have an emotional bond with the owner. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is a good example of a name. Other recommended nicknames for cats: Fragolina, Angel, Gigi, Babalu, Babuska, Nikita, Bambina, Jujube, Paçoca, Pantufa, Kika, Kitty, Capitu, Chiara, Scarlet, Shamu, Cristal, Tininha, Garrinha and Manchinha.

Feline nicknames for male kittens they must follow the same procedure. See list: Snooze, Wolverine, Garfield, Aristides, Gargamel, Gipsy, Gregor, Samson, Gucci, Simba, Kermit, Tarik, Chopp, Drizzle, Cookie, Beans, Batman, Max, Felizberto, Frajola and Ziggy.

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