Dog suddenly stinks extremely: what to do?

Dog suddenly stinks extremely: what to do?

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The dog smell can be very intense from time to time. But if the smell differs greatly from the usual scent and if dogs stink extremely, it may be a disease symptom. What exactly is it and how can you help your dog? Is a dog that stinks, sick, or is it normal? - Shutterstock / Anna Hoychuk

It is normal for some dogs to stink when they are wet. This dog smell doesn't matter to dog lovers, they may not even notice it anymore. However, it sometimes happens that the animal smells extremely.

If the smell differs from the usual dog smell, take a closer look: Your four-legged friend may be sick and need help from the veterinarian.

Dog suddenly stinks extremely: what are the causes?

Your dog stinks of feces, manure or manure? Then maybe he just wallowed in the dirt. However, if it smells even after you have cleared it of dirt, there may be a health problem behind it.

Possible causes of extremely malodorous dogs are:

• Anal gland inflammation
• flatulence
• Ear infections that cause a foul stench
• skin infections
• Dental problems or inflammation in the mouth that lead to bad breath
• diabetes
• renal failure

What to do if the dog stinks from its mouth?

If your dog stinks out of its mouth after eating, you usually don't need to worry. If it only smells of the food and the smell subsides, there is no need to worry.

If your dog stinks of fish, bad breath can also result from inferior food. Other symptoms for this would be, for example, high amounts of faeces, which show that the feed is not being optimally utilized, dull fur and lack of drive. Try whether your dog's condition improves when you switch to high-quality dog ​​food or perch.

If eating habits can be excluded as causes, you should take a close look at the teeth and mouth of your four-legged friend: caries, periodontitis and gingivitis can also manifest themselves in the stench. It is not uncommon for the dog to smell carrion or putrefaction out of its mouth.

Regular brushing can prevent this. But if teeth or gums are damaged, going to the vet is inevitable.

Does the stink come from the anal glands?

A smell of fish or manure can also emanate from the dog's bottom. For example, when the anal glands are inflamed. Since anal gland inflammation causes severe itching on the butt, you can probably watch your dog move around on the floor with his buttocks.

If this "sledding" shows up, a visit to the veterinarian is advisable so that your dog does not have to struggle too long with the unpleasant inflammation.

When dogs are afraid, the anal glands also secrete a secretion that is otherwise necessary for marking the territory and smells very unpleasant for human noses. Especially in long-haired dogs, this secretion can get stuck in the fur on the rear, so that the dog's backside suddenly stinks, even though the fear or area marking is already over.

If your dog is often afraid, you can patience him with a lot of patience. However, it can help to consult a dog trainer or animal psychologist who is experienced in behavior therapy.

Why do dogs like to wallow in the dirt?

Admittedly, we cannot always smell our dogs; but we should always understand you. Why…

Dog stinks from skin infections

If the bad smell comes from the dog's skin, it may be due to an infection. The cause of the skin disease can be allergies, but also parasites, bacteria or yeasts.
A food allergy can also cause dogs to produce an excess of skin secretions, so the otherwise normal dog smell is extremely increased.

Some chronic diseases such as diabetes or renal insufficiency can change the dog's metabolism in such a way that an unpleasant smell flows from the skin pores and from the mouth.

Infections can also affect the ears - if the stench comes from the ears and not from the mouth, an ear infection can be the reason.

Ear mites, bacterial infections, or foreign bodies that have caused festering injuries may be troublesome for your dog. You can also get help from the vet.

Caution! Never try to clean the dog's ears yourself with cotton swabs. It can make things worse.

When dogs have bloating

Regular bloating that causes your dog to stink can usually be justified with unsuitable food. It doesn't always have to be because the dog food is inferior, it may be due to food intolerance or an allergy.

It is also conceivable that your pet has a chronic illness in the digestive tract and therefore cannot tolerate its food. It's best to have him examined by a veterinarian. If there is no organic cause, you can try changing your feed.