Keep budgerigars outdoors in winter: tips

Keep budgerigars outdoors in winter: tips

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Can you keep budgerigars outdoors in winter? Yes, you can - provided you take some important things into account and make the necessary preparations. If the temperatures get colder outside, you have to make the outdoor aviary winter-proof. In winter it's all about keeping the budgies and other birds warm in their aviary - Shutterstock / Brandy McKnight

Budgerigars are among the species of birds that you can keep outside even in winter. Even more: Wintering in the outdoor aviary is even optimal for the sociable birdies, since they naturally have a very high oxygen requirement, need enough free flight and have to produce the vital vitamin D for which they need sunlight.

Make the outer aviary winter-proof

In winter, cold temperatures and uncomfortable weather make special demands on the outdoor aviary. The most important thing is a safe, sheltered house that is insulated and warm. In addition to good insulation, heaters, heating lamps or radiant heaters (red light) ensure that the interior does not cool down. It is important that they are bird-safe, i.e. protected, so that the fluttering men do not burn themselves.

Tip: Modern devices (frost monitors) are activated when the temperature inside the aviary becomes too cold. There should also be light in the interior so that the budgies fly in in winter. The aviary should have a sliding door that guarantees that the birdies stay indoors at night when the temperatures are very low. Water, both for bathing and drinking, should also be offered indoors as it cannot freeze there.

In summary, the following applies to the aviary in winter:

• Aviary must be protected from wind and weather.
• A good outdoor aviary is protected from wind and weather, ideally facing south or east so that the sun shines in.
• The shelter must be warm and equipped with bird-safe heating elements.
• Good wall insulation protects against cold and saves heating costs.
• The shelter should be illuminated.
• Bathing water and fresh drinking water should be available indoors.

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Leave budgerigars outdoors in winter: condition and nutrition

In addition to a winter-proof outdoor aviary, there are other important things to consider if you want to keep your budgies outside in winter. So it is important that you check whether all animals are fit and healthy before the cold season. Weakened, sick or very old animals may no longer have enough energy to survive the winter outdoors.

It is also important that you provide your birds with the necessary energy. In order to withstand the cold temperatures outside, their feathered bodies have to exert themselves particularly hard. Energy food, for example in the form of nuts, helps to put on a good fat cushion. But don't overdo it - too much fat can cause metabolic problems. Otherwise, you should keep an eye on your budgies (and all other birds) in winter - so you can see whether it is too cold for some animals.