Ragdoll cat Toby puffs up in front of Timo's cat buddy

Ragdoll cat Toby puffs up in front of Timo's cat buddy

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"Uaaaah! Look, I'm a big, dangerous lion," Ragdoll cat Toby seems to want to tell his big cat brother Timo. He puffs himself up a lot and hops back and forth in the monkey tooth in front of his furry buddy. Does that make an impression on Timo ...?

… not really. The older of the two Ragdoll cats is quite unimpressed by the tricks of his little cat brother. Timo sits peacefully in his corner and watches the lively goings-on of the cat.

Toby makes every effort to look really threatening and scary. He has straightened up every one of his plush hairs, pushed his back through to the handsome hump and stood on the side to look bigger.

And Timo? It can finally be softened briefly and takes part in the game. With Karacho he chases after his young plush buddy. But in the end Timo prefers to be a spectator again - while Katerchen Toby tries to catch his own puffy tail.

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