Plush puppy barks at cat grass

Plush puppy barks at cat grass

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The fluffy Golden Retriever puppy in the video lives in Japan with a large cat flat share. For this reason there is also a pot of cat grass on the floor. The little dog barks at him bravely - who knows what the cat grass is up to.

"Woof, woof! Stay where you are, you green stalk fiend!", The plushy puppy seems to want to say. Again and again he approaches the pot with the cat grass, bites it lightly as a test, but then withdraws again. The plant is apparently not very cautious to him.

Finally, he gathers up all his courage and nudges the pot. The cat grass rolls to the side and crumbles the floor with a few pieces of earth. "Oooh, what's that? How interesting!" The puppy thinks, sniffing the lumps of earth - and has forgotten the cat grass again.

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