Black leopard Zorro plays with cardboard

Black leopard Zorro plays with cardboard

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The black leopard in the video is called Zorro and does what cats love to do: play with boxes and boxes. It doesn't matter whether you're a small domestic cat or a big, strong leopard - boxing fun is boxing fun.

The Zorro enclosure could be a little boring; if it weren't for the great cardboard hanging from the ceiling. Cats - including wild cats like the leopard - love playing with boxes. Zorro's play object hangs on a stable metal chain from the roof of his enclosure. But in the end, all stability is of no use. Finally, we see that Zorro has almost torn the box apart and is lying comfortably on the floor with it or with what is left of it.

By the way, Zorro is known for his cardboard passion. In this video he is also interested in a cardboard copy:

Why do cats love tight boxes and boxes?

Many cat owners know it: you bring a new cat toy, unpack it and the cat ...