Cat steals the show from man during TV interview

Cat steals the show from man during TV interview

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Actually, a political scientist should speak on television about the situation in Poland. However, the interviewee's cat used the conversation to stand in the spotlight for a few seconds.

It is common knowledge that cats can be very idiosyncratic. Dr. Jerzy Targalski, a Polish historian and political scientist, was able to experience this firsthand. In a TV interview for the Dutch broadcaster Nieuwsuur, he was supposed to talk about the current political tensions in Poland in his study. However, his cat Lisio wanted to get involved.

The velvet paw climbed onto the scientist's shoulders. Dr. Jerzy Targalski was not impressed by the cat - not even when Lisio repeatedly slapped his face in the face or licked his ear. Obviously no reason for the man to cancel the interview. The political scientist kept a straight face and continued talking steadfastly.

A reporter from "Nieuwsuur" showed the excerpt on Twitter. By the way, cat Lisio is already known in Poland. The velvet paw has often appeared on TV with its owner. Now the Stubentiger should have made international headlines.

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