Shar Pei bitch Ava wakes up her owner very carefully

Shar Pei bitch Ava wakes up her owner very carefully

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The cute Shar Pei bitch Ava lives with her owner, the Shiba Inu Kobe and the Persian cat Bleu. In the video, the dog lady is of the opinion that her favorite person has slept long enough and that it is meal time at all. So she wakes her owner, but very lovingly.

"Duuu, missus ... I have such a tiny little boy, don't you think you could slowly get up and feed me?", Shar-Pei bitch Ava seems to think. However, since her two-legged friend wants to sleep a little longer, Ava has to help a little. She gently nudges her hand on the arm and waits patiently for a reaction. When her favorite person is left lying, she just pokes her paw and doesn't let up.

Finally, Mistress can be softened, asks Ava if she is hungry and strokes her fur. Then there is a fluffy paw high five and finally she gets up. Well done, Ava!

Shar-Pei: A breed of dog from China