Canadian MP Wants Products To Be Labeled If Containing Cat or Dog Fur

Canadian MP Wants Products To Be Labeled If Containing Cat or Dog Fur

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April 29, 2018 Photos by: Suti Stock Photo/Shutterstock

Canadian Parliament Member Brian Masse has presented legislation that would require the labeling of cat or dog fur when used in textiles.

Brian Masse, Windsor West NDP Member of Parliament in the UK, is hoping the House of Commons will make textile manufacturers label any products that are made with animal skin, fur and hair products. He wants the label to be required regardless of whether or not the skin, fur or hair has been removed from the skin, and irrespective of how much is in the product.

Masse wants to amend the Textile Labelling Act so that ‘textile fibre’s definition will include natural or manufactured matter that has animal skin, fur and hair. The amendment would require manufacturers to label whether or not a product has any cat or dog skin, fur or hair, and Masses said that he believes consumers have the right to know this about products they buy.

He said that every year nearly two million dogs and cats are killed to use their fur and skins in an assortment of things: trims on coats, hats, toys and figurines. Masse says that most of the products come from Asia and are exported globally, but Canadians should have the right to know this about the products they are buying. Masse says that this gives them the power to make ethical and informed choices when buying products.

Already, the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and the European Union have banned the use of cat and dog fur in textiles. The legislative proposal that Masse has introduced would not constitute a specific ban, though. He says that the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods at the University of Windsor is already helping manufacturers move from testing on animals and toward innovative ways to test materials. If there can be no ban on the materials outright, he wants consumers to at least have the choice of buying the products or not.

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