Dog is stubborn? Raise four-legged "stubborn"

Dog is stubborn? Raise four-legged "stubborn"

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If a dog does not obey, it is quickly called "stubborn". However, this is a misunderstanding, because the four-legged friends do not simply behave aggressively to annoy their owner or mistress. As a rule, something went wrong during the upbringing, so that your fur nose simply has not yet learned the desired behavior. "Oh Manno, I want to stay here a little longer," this young husky seems to think. Is that why he's stubborn? - Shutterstock / Cher KFM

The good news is: All dogs can be raised. For a dog that seems stubborn, however, this can be a bit more complex and take more time, exercise and nerves than for a four-legged friend with a pronounced "will to please" and good puppy training, who has already learned that obedience is good for him worth.

Are dogs stubborn when they don't obey?

No they are not. However, a dog can appear stubborn to its owner if it does not follow a command that it already knows in principle. "He knows exactly what to do! He is just so stubborn!" Complained frustrated dog owners and no longer understand the world. Finally Bello obeyed when they trained "sit", "seat" or "no" with him alone.

And that is often the misunderstanding: Just because your dog does what you ask him to do with you does not mean that he has really internalized the command. During the lesson he usually only has to concentrate on you and the exercise, he is not distracted by interesting stimuli. However, the situation changes on the dog meadow, when going for a walk or visiting. So many new, exciting and perhaps also scary impressions patter on the subtle cold mustaches and they can no longer concentrate on the actual command. It only helps to practice with the dog more often and slowly increase the distractions.

Other possible reasons why your dog does not obey are:

  • ● He does not yet know the command
  • ● He is confused because the command is not clear to him
  • ● He sees no use in obeying you
  • ● Disobedience is more worthwhile for him than obedience

Raising "stubborn": patience and consequence

If your dog seems stubborn, it is advisable to organize the lessons differently. Divide the training into smaller sections: Start with short units in which you practice a certain command without distractions. If your four-legged friend has mastered the learning material, gradually increase the external stimuli so that he listens to you even when distracted. Proceed step by step with all commands that you want to teach your woof.

Keep in mind that dogs have limited frustration tolerance. If a lesson takes too long or the exercise is too difficult for him, it frustrates him too much and he can no longer concentrate. This has nothing to do with the fact that your dog is stubborn and no longer wants, but that he is simply tired and overwhelmed. So be patient with him.

The signal for a certain behavior must always be the same, otherwise it confuses the four-legged friend. Also make sure that all family members pull together and all use the same signal for desired behavior. Otherwise, it leads to inconsistency, which confuses your dog.

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Stubborn dog to get involved: increase incentive

Some dog breeds are accused of being stubborn more often than others. This includes various hunting dogs and herd protection dogs as well as some working dogs that were bred for independence. They are usually particularly intelligent and have an instinct to make independent decisions and not to rely entirely on their people. With a command on your part, you carefully consider whether it is worthwhile for you to obey or whether disobedience is not more interesting for you. For example, it is much more exciting for a dog that is motivated by hunting to follow a trail than on your "By foot!" to respond if you don't offer him a really great reward.

Some dogs are almost insatiable delicacies, which you can always motivate to work with something edible. These four-legged friends can usually be convinced with a piece of liver sausage or other treats that obedience is worthwhile for them. Independent, intelligent, active dogs that are not particularly interested in dog biscuits and the like are more of a challenge. On the one hand, you have to pay attention to sufficient occupancy and employment and work on the bond to your four-legged friend. Also try out what your Wuff particularly likes: pats, favorite toys and / or extensive praise.