Dog saves girls from the sea - although there was no danger

Dog saves girls from the sea - although there was no danger

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Actually, this girl just wanted to splash around in the sea a little. But a Caucasian Owtscharka feared the worst and started a heroic rescue operation. Although that shouldn't have been necessary.

When swimming in the sea, it happens from time to time that you get caught by a wave. This is exactly what happened to a girl who actually wanted to splash around afterwards. But the child did not make his calculation with a Caucasian Owcharka.

When the dog saw the girl being hit by a wave, the alarm bells on the four-legged friend obviously rang. His protective instinct was awakened.

And so he grabbed the girl by his t-shirt and pulled her back out of the water - even though there was no danger and the child just wanted to continue bathing.

But as the saying goes: caution is the mother of the porcelain box. And the supposed rescue operation of the fur nose is always sweet!

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