Stranger cat in the house: what to do about uninvited guests?

Stranger cat in the house: what to do about uninvited guests?

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Strange cats who come to your home: A visit like this is not a welcome change for everyone. What is it that drives the velvet paws to venture into foreign territory? Read more about the reasons and what you can do about unwanted cat visits here. Cats love freedom and are curious. The best conditions to visit the neighbors - shutterstock / Robert Petrovi

Some cats are apparently particularly social animals and especially like to stay close to people. In addition, there is the love of freedom of the velvet paws: if you allow it, it is not uncommon for the fur noses to spend more and more time in places outside their actual home.

Why do strange cats come to my house?

Cats are curious by nature and there are some extroverted velvet paws who love to visit the neighbors. The driving force behind such behavior can be of very different types. Here are the most common reasons why cats love to stick their noses in foreign homes:

● The cat is looking for food.
● Miez urgently needs an extra dose of attention.
● The velvet paw needs a roof over your head.
● The animal wants to fight with other species or feels sexually attracted.

If in the end you have nothing against regular visits or even a new roommate: If possible, inform the owner of the cat. He should be in the picture and should not have to worry unnecessarily if his pet disappears regularly or for longer periods. In addition, it is up to him to take steps or not that his darling goes on trips less often.

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How do I keep foreign cats away?

Some cats actually stop by just out of curiosity, make a visit and then never show up again. However, for many of the alien tigers the following applies: If your home proves to be inviting and open and friendly to the visiting animal, chances are good that you will have a new roommate in the long term.

It is obvious that this is really not wanted and possible in every case. One of the main reasons why strange cats come to visit is the search for food. For example, when your cat is eating, it leaves a treat that is easily accessible: a seductive view that hardly a cat can resist. So place the food bowl where it is difficult to reach from the outside. For example, far from the cat flap or from open windows.

The likelihood of foreign visitors also increases if your own cat and the foreign animal are not neutered. This triggers increased thirst for males, it is sexual interest in females and males. If you have your own velvet paw castrated, make sure that there is one reason less that attracts foreign visitors.

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What are the barrier options against foreign cats?

Above all, a lockable cat flap offers the opportunity to keep unwanted visitors away. If the animal comes at certain times of the day or night, the flap can be locked accordingly. But make sure that your own cat has access when it needs it. There are technical solutions like a chip around the neck of your protégé that electronically unlocks the cat flap designed for it.

Other everyday measures include the closing of windows, hatches and doors. Make sure that all access points for velvet paws are closed. Especially at times when the curious guest prefers to stop by.