Buying the right cat scratching post: tips

Buying the right cat scratching post: tips

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The basic equipment for velvet paws is that you buy her a scratching post. Cats need the ability to sharpen their claws and love elevated places. The following tips will help you find the right cat scratching post for your kitty. Image: Shutterstock / Mikhail Olykainen

When choosing the right scratching post for your cat, there are several aspects to consider in addition to quality. So for a large cat breed like the Maine Coon or Bengal cats you need a robust and sufficiently large cat tree. Cats who are physically challenged or a little older need a few climbing aids on their tree.

Buy cat tree for cats: which models are there?

Cat scratching posts can be divided into different models, including:

● Sisal scratching post
● Scratching post made of natural wood
● Banana leaf cat tree

Sisal scratching posts are available in countless designs that offer the right thing for every budget and every velvet paw. They are easy to assemble and promise a lot of variety with different levels, scratching boards and trunks as well as caves and beds. If you have large or very wild house tigers, check the selected cat tree for quality. The screw connections of these scratching posts are particularly susceptible to damage from stormy raging young cats.

A natural wooden scratching post is ideal for such conspecifics. Although these are a little more expensive, they are much more robust. Thanks to the heavy wood, the cat tree is also more stable overall. The Banana Leaf cat tree offers a third option. It has properties similar to the sisal model; Lying and scratching surfaces or other accessories are braided from banana leaves.

Choosing a sisal scratching post: These models are available

The sisal scratching post is the classic cat scratching post. It is cheap and in different ...

Set up the scratching post correctly and make it interesting

If possible, place your favorite cat's scratching post in the living area - where you often go. Your furry roommate should have a good overview of the room and the room door from the tree. The tigers like it even better when they sit on their scratching post and can look out of the window. If your cat does not immediately accept a cat tree, try a catnip spray that they distribute on the tree. Additional toys can also make a cat tree attractive. Young cats, in particular, like to frolic with mice on elastic bands about their climbing paradise.

You have not found a suitable cat tree in the trade? In our guide "Build your own cat scratching post: ideas and tips" you will get a few suggestions on how you can create a climbing paradise for your cat yourself.