Cole and marmalade: fun with cardboard pyramid!

Cole and marmalade: fun with cardboard pyramid!

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Cats and boxes - this is a phenomenon in itself. For inexplicable reasons, velvet paws are absolutely thrilled with cardboard boxes. It is no different with Cole and Marmalade. Their owners have now come up with something very special for their four-legged friends.

Mistress Chris and Mistress Jess have built a giant cardboard pyramid in the ancient Egyptian style. How fitting, after all, cats were considered sacred and worshiped in ancient Egypt.

The cardboard pyramid of Cole and Marmalade has various steps, peepholes and climbing holes. The house tigers can climb really well and hide in them if they want to. The pyramid leaves nothing of what the little cat heart desires.

Sure, Cole and Marmalade enjoy it. And their new siblings Jugg and Zig Zag also seem to have enjoyed the giant cardboard pyramid!

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